Michael mcquaid is an artist and songwriter in the nashville music scene.


In an electronic age, it can be difficult to wade through the artists who take digital to a new level in their music from those who don’t. Although dance music is flooding the airwaves, there are still a few who find inspiration from music that was created before the twenty-first century. Michael McQuaid, a 20 year residing in Nashville, TN, is one of those people.


McQuaid attributes his roots of music to his dad while growing up in Texas. As he was raised in a house filled with old vinyl collections and guitar strings being strum by his dad, his interest in music began at the age of 3. By the time he was 8, his fingers began tickling the ivories when he learned to play piano shortly followed by picking up the guitar. In just 10 years, McQuaid began writing his own songs at 13. Not so long after that he enrolled in Dallas’s prestigious School of Rock program where his musical abilities blossomed as he received vocal, guitar, piano, and songwriting instruction.


As he continued to grow, he started a band called Northfield. McQuaid strived for an “indie-soul vibe” but the band never quite made it there before he decided to take his music solo. His songwriting matured as he did and now McQuaid released his first debut solo EP, Heart&Soul.


Heart&Soul is in fact the heart and soul of McQuaid’s career. The EP was recorded and produced by Ethan Kauffman at The Elephant in the Room in Hollywood, CA and pays homage to the classic artists McQuaid grew up listening to. Heart&Soul includes a collection of songs that range from powerful pop ballads perfectly suited for Top 40 radio, to more soulful songs that would be just as at home in an old vinyl collection.